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Introducing the magic potion extracted from the conventional wisdom of Ayurveda - e-mane Hair Oil, the revolutionary product that visibly arrests hairfall and encourages regrowth of your hair. e-mane hair oil is an elixir for hair that tend to fall and never grow back. With the help of scientific tests, it has been proved that this advanced hair oil:-

› Re-grows and repairs hair where it stops growing
› Stops hair fall
› Increases hair density
› Strengthens hair roots
› Imparts a shining glow to the hair
› Helps women's hair grow longer
› Stops premature graying of hair and begins its natural blackening

Nijendra DwivediSoftware Engineer

I always had hair loss, and my hairline was receding very quickly. Somehow, I never seemed to have

Sushil Kumar IT professional

I am totally bald and then came to know of e-mane through a friend who actually forced me to use this for

Umesh YadavBody builder

I am a personal body building trainer by profession and very cautious for my looks. I possess good healthy

Siva PrasadIT professional

I belong to Hyderabad and my hairs are very hard and curly in nature. Although I do carry good hairs but they